Is a gardenia a monocot?

Answer No, a gardenia isn't a monocot. It's a member of the class that's called Eudicotyledon. The eudicots are known as true dicots.

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Is a turnip a monocot?

A turnip is not a monocot. It falls into the dicot category, mainly due to its root system. Turnips have a taproot, or one main root from which other roots sprout. Taproots have a soft texture and ... Read More »

Is an apple a monocot or dicot?

An apple is a dicot. Its seeds have two cotyledons, or two seed leaves. Most flowering plants are dicots. Monocots are simpler plants with three petals, compared to dicots, which have petals in fou... Read More »

List of Monocot Flowers?

The world of flowering plants, known as angiosperms, is divided sharply down the middle into classes called monocots and dicots. Monocot flowers typically produce lobes, sepals and other flower par... Read More »

Common Monocot Flowers?

Flowering plants are classified as either monocots or dicots. The easiest way to distinguish a monocot is by counting the the number of petals. Monocots grow petals--along with leaves and sepals--i... Read More »