Is a foundation primer necessary for liquid/mouse foundation?

Answer Yes.Because it keeps your makeup from cLogging your pores, esp with liquid or creams. It does that because primer is filling in your pores making it easier for your makeup to glide on and without h... Read More »

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What is the difference between liquid foundation, mouse foundation and matte foundation?

Liquid foundation is just that: foundation in liquid form.Mousse foundation is just that: foundation in mousse form.And matte foundation is just that: foundation with a matte finish.The form is all... Read More »

Can i mix primer with foundation?

There is nothing wrong with mixing it together. When you mix them both together, the foundation becomes more sheer so its a lesser coverage. That's all :-) So if you want a full coverage, put them ... Read More »

What is the best foundation primer under $20?

Hard Candy Sheer Envy (Walmart only). Silicone based primer but with a mattifying agent, so it works quite well on anything but dry skin. About $8 for 1.5 oz of product, so it's a really good valu... Read More »

How to Apply Foundation Primer?

Minimize facial imperfections by applying primer under, or instead of, your foundation. Primers are gels or serums that go on clear or with a small amount of shimmer. They minimize the appearance o... Read More »