Is a flute a wind instrument?

Answer The flute is a woodwind instrument that often serves as the highest voice in orchestras or bands. The woodwind family of instruments also includes piccolos, clarinets, saxopones, bassoons, oboes, a... Read More »

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Is a euphonium a wind instrument?

Euphoniums are members of the wind family of musical instruments and, even more specifically, euphoniums are brass instruments. Brass instruments are those like trumpets, baritones and tubas that h... Read More »

Definition of Brass Wind Instrument?

A brass wind is a tubular instrument such as the trumpet or French horn that produces sound through the effort of forcefully blowing air into the tubes with the mouth. Brass winds come in all shape... Read More »

How to Play a Glissando on a Wind Instrument?

Composers often add ornaments and articulations to a piece of music, to give it a unique and interesting flair. One of these is the glissando, which is similar in both definition and effect to a tr... Read More »

How to Make a Simple Wind Instrument?

Woodwind instruments produce sound when you blow through or over a mouthpiece, making a vibrating column of air. You can easily make your own woodwind instruments at home with just a few simple too... Read More »