Is a flower consider a pistil?

Answer No, its the pistil that INSIDE the flower.

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The Parts of a Flower Pistil?

Flowers are both visually attractive and fragrant, but they serve a more important purpose for a plant. The flower of each plant is the reproductive center where seeds for new plants are formed. Ma... Read More »

What is the purpose of a flower's pistil?

Although flowers are made up of many different parts, certain parts are necessary for the flower's ultimate survival. In order to make seeds and reproduce, flowers use a functional set of male and ... Read More »

What is the purpose of the pistil in flowers?

According to, the pistil is the ovule-producing, or female, part of the flower. The male part of the flower is known as the stamen. Not all flowers have both male and female parts... Read More »

Does the shasta daisy have a pistil&a stamen?

Shasta daisies, composite flowers from the Asteraceae family, contain countless florets comprised of both stamens and pistils. Four to five stamens form in each floret, fused to achenes, which are ... Read More »