Is a flashing light always used in an EEG?

Answer An EEG, or electroencephalogram, is a test that is designed to diagnose epilepsy. Some EEGs are done with a flashing light, which is flashed to see if an epileptic episode will occur. Other tests a... Read More »

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What does a flashing red light mean?

A flashing red light means you must stop at the intersection before proceeding. This traffic signal should be treated the same as a stop sign. Violation of this signal is a criminal offense.Referen... Read More »

Do you stop for a flashing red light?

Typically on a traffic signal, a flashing red light indicates that you must stop, ensure that no cars are coming and then may proceed. The flashing red light is synonymous with a four-way stop sign... Read More »

What does a flashing yellow light mean?

A flashing yellow traffic light indicates that a driver should proceed with caution but does not have to stop. Flashing yellow lights are usually located at intersections or locations with greater ... Read More »

What Does a Flashing Fluid Light on Car Mean?

A car's dashboard houses multiple gauges and specific indicator lights, such as a fluid light, for engine monitoring by the driver. Knowing the meaning of each dashboard item can help keep the driv... Read More »