Is a fixed annuity a good investment?

Answer On One Hand: Fixed Annuities Are Good InvestmentsA fixed annuity is a contract between an owner and insurance company that accumulates cash value on a tax-deferred basis. The annuity avoids probate... Read More »

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Is an eia annuity a fixed annuity?

Equity-indexed annuities are fixed annuities. However, an EIA differs from other fixed annuities in the way it credits interest. EIAs use various complex formulas while other fixed annuities credit... Read More »

How Often Can I Change My Investment Options With a Variable Annuity?

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Is a Fixed Annuity Qualified?

A fixed annuity is an insurance policy designed to help you accumulate a savings for retirement. Annuities normally guarantee a payment to you either immediately or sometime in the future. A fixed ... Read More »

What is a fixed-rate annuity?

A fixed annuity is an investment that allows an investor to receive a guaranteed rate of return for a period of one to 10 years. Fixed-rate annuities provide investors with a consistent return, but... Read More »