Is a fern a plant?

Answer A fern is a type of plant. According to the USDA Classification website, ferns belong to the Pteridophyta division, part of the Tracheobionta subkingdom. All plants belong to the kingdom known as P... Read More »

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Is the bird's nest fern a house plant or an outdoor plant?

Bird's nest fern grows outdoors in USDA Hardiness Zones 9 through 11. The plants prefer high humidity and temperatures between 70-90 degrees F. The limited outdoor growing environment and need for ... Read More »

How to Plant a Fern?

Is a fern a vascular plant?

Ferns are considered a vascular plant because they have a specialized system designed for the transportation of water and nutrients. The ability to transport water and nutrients through a vascular ... Read More »

How do I plant a fern peony?

ChoosingChoose fern peony roots with three to five buds or eyes in November. The roots with more buds will give a better chance of producing blossoms the next spring. Pick a planting site the recei... Read More »