Is a down coat better insulated?

Answer On One Hand: Down is Naturally Insulating.When dry, down is always warmer than its synthetic counterpart. High loft goose down will keep you the warmest, but is also the most expensive. Goose down ... Read More »

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How to Add Down to a Coat?

In areas with cold, harsh winters, a good winter coat is a must. One of the warmest types of coats available is a down coat. Down coats are similar in construction to a down comforter or sleeping ... Read More »

How to Make a Down Coat Puffier?

Making a down coat puffier can add warmth and improve how the coat looks. Cutting into the coat in different places and adding extra down feathers or stuffing can easily complete this process. The ... Read More »

How do you successfuly haggle down the price of a coat y'all?

Yessir, that's why I sit in my car and wait for the possums and raccoons to walk out in front of me... I get my very own genuine possum coat... Aint no need for imports son, we've got enough pesky ... Read More »

Should a sports coat be unbuttoned when sitting down?

On One Hand: Sit Back And RelaxYou should always unbutton your sports coat when sitting, according to Men's Wearhouse, the fashion retailer. Unbuttoning your coat will prevent wrinkles and allow yo... Read More »