Is a double cylinder door handle always locked?

Answer No, a double cylinder door handle is locked or unlocked with a key, just like a single cylinder lock. The difference is that a key is required to work the lock on either side of a double cylinder d... Read More »

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When a cars alarm is armed and locked will it go off if you pull on the handle. (The door doesn't open)?

Some cars have a switch that is actuated by pulling on the handle. If your car has such a switch and it is hooked into the alarm system it should set off the alarm. Some cars have the switch but ar... Read More »

What is the difference between a single cylinder&a double cylinder deadbolt lock?

Deadbolt locks offer a strong measure of security for exterior doors. Deadbolts are often used on both front and back exterior doors. Double cylinder deadbolts are designed for a specific purpose.F... Read More »

My 3 year old daughter locked the bathroom door from the do i open the door?

it might be like the door like that i have. inside the lock it has a little thing that sticks out and it has a slot for what i would describe as a miniture flathead screwdriver. so basically you n... Read More »

How to Handle Being Locked Out of Your Hotel Room?

Locked outMaybe you forgot the key, misplaced it, or lost it somewhere during your travels, but whatever the reason, you've found yourself locked out of your hotel room. It's a sticky situation, an... Read More »