Is a doberman's bite force stronger than a bit bull's bite force?

Answer No, a doberman doesn't bite stronger. They tear the skin. A pit bull has stronger jaws that bite and hang on.I had a beautiful doberman that was a trained attack dog, yet he was gentle as can be ... Read More »

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Is Indian Air Force stronger than US Air Force?

Bug bite is swollen, painful and bright red and the middle is hard looks like a bulls eye?

This sounds like a common boil. The heat and antibiotics are the best for these.I would think any doctor could recognize these. My GP took one quick look and knew what mine was.(sounds like what yo... Read More »

Do dust mites bite I sometimes feel like tiny bugs bite me, but I can't see anything What are they?

Usually mites that bite birds usually bite people, chiggers also do. Scabie mites are also notorious for infesting humans. The difficulty in determining what is biting is that all of these are so... Read More »

Uhh... I got bite (spider bite) on my private spot and i would like to know if it's poisonis?

Probably not. Depends where you live. If you're in the UK, then there are no poisonous spiders that just roam around (except for some very few, rare times). It is much more likely that it is red ju... Read More »