Is a divorce necessary to have custody of any sort be given to any party?

Answer Answer No, but it is a good idea to file a custody agreement with the courts in the county in which you live to establish custodial rights of both parents.

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If you have had primary joint custody of your 15 yr old since your divorce if you give him primary custody what will the outcome be?

%DETAILS% Answer Power of attorney and guardiansguo for a limited time.

You were deported and child custody was given to father can you still get custody?

You would need approval to return to the country to file a challenge.

What sort of parenting plan should you propose if the non-custodial parent is threatening a custody battle in order to lower their child support payments but does not really want custody?

Answer Parenting plans should be discussed with legal counsel or with a social service representative before they are submitted to the court.That being said, there is not a court in the US that wo... Read More »

Develop templates of standard sorting algorithms such as bubble sort, insertion sort, merge sort,& quick sort?

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