Is a dirty home grounds for child custody to be lost?

Answer Unfortunately, no. However, it is a piece of evidence that can be used. see links below

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What are the grounds for a child custody change?

As part of a divorce proceeding the court makes a decision about custody if the parents cannot reach an agreement. If one parent has custody, and the other parent feels that there is a major proble... Read More »

Is adultery grounds for obtaining child custody?

Probably not but it could be a factor depending on the circumstances of the adultery. Adultery is grounds for divorce in those states that involve "fault divorces" and can even play a role in spous... Read More »

What are some methods to locate a long-lost adoptive father who lost custody of a child who is now an adult?

Is it possible in New Jersey to get custody back if you lost your child to child services and is now adopted?