Is a desktop better for gaming or a laptop?

Answer Desktops are considerably better for gaming. There are several reasons why...Desktops produce less (can be more at times) heat then laptops which allow more performance. The fact that everything is... Read More »

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Gaming Versus: Desktop Vs. Laptop gaming?

I actually had a questions about this myself. (I wasn't so nice about it). Graphics for Laptops are built onto the motherboard. You buy the laptop with the graphics built in to it. This is fine... Read More »

Laptop Vs. Desktop for PC Gaming?

Laptop computers and desktop computers both work for PC gaming. As long as a game has the resources it needs, it will work as expected. Choosing between a laptop and a desktop comes down to its com... Read More »

Which desktop would be better for gaming?

please avoid cyberpower and i buy power shitty customer service shitty products and awful assembly. try digitalstorm or there has been so much issues with those 2 im suprised they ... Read More »

How do I make my Desktop PC better for gaming and what kind of ram should i buy?

You can mirror my build which runs CS:GO flawless at maxed graphics.Athlon x3 450 3.2ghzamd radeon 6670 1gb GDDR5 (Will upgrade to 6870 soon)4gb ddr3 1600 mhzRadeon 6670 runs all games at lower re... Read More »