Is a deed of trust a transfer of property in Virginia?

Answer A deed of trust in Virginia is a transfer of property. However, when a deed of trust is being used, the property may be transferred only if the person borrowing the money defaults on loan payments.... Read More »

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How do I transfer ownership on a property deed in Virginia?

LiensMake sure all liens, claims, and impediments are removed from the deed.AccuracyEnsure the accuracy of the deed by checking the legal description, names of the owners and transferring parties.S... Read More »

Forms for Gifting a Deed of Property in Virginia?

A deed is a written instrument used to transfer ownership of property from one individual to another. When property is given as a gift, the two types of deeds most commonly used are gift deeds and ... Read More »

Deed Transfer Procedures in Virginia?

A deed is a document that transfers ownership of real estate from a seller to a buyer. In Virginia, a deed transfer is only valid if certain requirements are met.

What is a transfer of property deed?

A property transfer deed is a legal document that states ownership of a property is changing. The property ownership can go to person to person, business to business or a combination of the two. Th... Read More »