Is a deductible paid before or after the health insurance company pays?

Answer A deductible is the amount you must pay, usually each calendar year, for medical care before your health insurance company contributes to the cost of a procedure, treatment or hospitalization. Dedu... Read More »

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If you have an accident before the deductible is lowered but the claim is not filed until after which deductible applies?

Answer The deductible at the time of the accident not the time of claim.

If you change jobs and health insurance does the amount paid out of pocket expenses for deductible or coinsurance on old policy transfer to your new one in the same year?

I don't know of any provision for your deductible or coinsurance to be taken over if YOU change jobs. They must though give you credit against a pre-exisitng condition clause If an employer though ... Read More »

What is the minimum deductible for high deductible health plans?

The minimum deductible for a high deductible health plan is $1,200 for an individual and $2,400 for families in 2010 and is set by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. This is up from $1,150 and $2... Read More »

Are medical co-pays tax-deductible?

Medical co-pays are tax-deductible because they can be defined as medical expenses. The Internal Revenue Service allows deductions for many out-of-pocket costs that are paid to alleviate or prevent... Read More »