Is a deadbolt more secure?

Answer On One Hand: Many ChoicesInstalling a dead bolt into a door can definitely make it more secure. Many varieties of dead bolts are available to choose from, including single and double cylinder, rim ... Read More »

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Are Brinks 4-piece keyed entry door knobs& deadbolt locks secure?

On One Hand: Police Recommend DeadboltsThe Brinks four-piece keyed entry doorknobs and deadbolt locks are the first step in keeping your home secure. Customers who purchased and installed these loc... Read More »

Can I replace a grade 3 deadbolt lock with a grade 1 deadbolt without making changes to the door?

The grade wouldn't make any difference. It depends on what brand door lock the hole in the door was originally cut for. Most are 21/8" hole side with a 1" hole cut for the backset. There are a few... Read More »

What is a deadbolt?

AnswerDeadbolt: or Deadlock. When the bolt is extended the full distance, it deadlocks. Meaning it can not be jimmied back or slid back as in you door knob latch. The bolt is referring to the bolt ... Read More »

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