Is a cubic metre of gravel the same as 1 tonne?

Answer Not necessarily. The weight of a cubic metre of gravel varies, depending on the type of rock and its size. If it is any help, a cubic metre of water is Exactly a tonne. (ie 1000 litres= 1000kgs)

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How much does 5 cubic feet of pea gravel weigh?

The weight of pea gravel will vary based on the size of the rock. In general, however, a cubic yard of pea gravel weighs about 2,600 lbs. So, 5 cubic feet of pea gravel--0.185 cubic yards--weighs a... Read More »

Is the 327 cubic inch engine the same as the 5.3 liter?

Yes. Cubic inches and liters are both units of volume. A cubic inch is 0.016 liters, so to convert cubic inches to liters, multiply by 0.016. In this example, 327 cubic inches times 0.016 is about ... Read More »

Difference in Crushed Gravel & Pea Gravel?

Gravel is a versatile, inexpensive material used for a variety of landscaping purposes. Crushed gravel and pea gravel are two of the most commonly used kinds. Both are simple to work with but are b... Read More »

Confusion. can u drive a 3.5 tonne vehicle?

A category B licence (standard car licence) allows you to drive up to 3.5tonne maximum authorised mass (m.a.m.). You can also tow a trailer up to 750kg m.a.m.. Any heavier trailers (ie a caravan) w... Read More »