Is a cricket harmful or helpful to a human?

Answer On One Hand: On One Hand: Crickets Can Be HarmfulThere are several types of crickets, but most have demonstrated certain harmful behaviors. One common harmful trait is the destruction of personal p... Read More »

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Are grasshoppers harmful or helpful?

On One Hand: Grasshoppers Harm Plant LifeGrasshoppers are harmful because they attack and eat every kind of plant--crops, weeds, vegetables, ornamental plants and trees. If their numbers are high e... Read More »

How are reptiles harmful&helpful?

Reptiles are both helpful and harmful to humans and the environments they inhabit. They can either kill us or help heal us, depending on the circumstances. Similarly, they can be valuable to their ... Read More »

Are mentors helpful or harmful?

On One Hand: Assigned Mentors Can Be UnbeneficialNew employees or students can find themselves with a mentor assigned by their company or organization. According to the Adult Learning journal, assi... Read More »

How has the internet been more helpful or harmful to your life?

Well, if the question is in the context of my life (me, myself and I), then certainly it is more helpful than harmful. It is in fact a part of my life, and possibly the same for all (Ok, 99%) of th... Read More »