Is a credit card required to be signed on the back?

Answer On One Hand: For Card ValidationAccording to Visa and MasterCard customer agreements, a credit card is not valid unless the back is signed by the customer. If a merchant sees a card that is unsigne... Read More »

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Was enlisted completed BasicAIT.Signed 3yr GRFD while being an SMP.Would I have to pay back TuitionStipend if I dropped ROTC and went to state OCS Have over 60 credit hrs and currently a junior.?

I am still trying to figure out how many people apply for Army ROTC scholarships, but I do know that only about 2,000 4-year scholarships are given out each year. There are also 3 and 2-year schola... Read More »

Is a credit card required to rent a car?

Policies and requirements for renting a car vary from agency to agency. Some rental car companies will allow customers to rent a car without a credit card, provided they have a debit card with whic... Read More »

Why are you required to sign your credit card?

Credit cards offer a convenient way to pay for purchases without having to carry cash, count change or write checks. Using a credit card requires you to agree to the terms set forth by the credit c... Read More »

Is a credit card required to register for itunes?

To download free content from the iTunes store, you only need to create an "Apple Account." This can be done without using a credit card. If you want to purchase any priced content, you can do so b... Read More »