Is a crack on the black casing of the iPhone 3G fixable?

Answer there are NO phones that are perfect but the best ONE is an iphone. there are a few flaws but non that anyone CARES ABOUT. YOUR best but is to get one, but if you have anymore PROBLMES just ask me!... Read More »

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What will happen when iphone drop onto the floor without any casing?

How do I crack black walnuts?

Black walnuts are known as one of the hardest nuts to crack. Unlike nuts like peanuts that you can crack open with one hand, or pistachios with shells that are easily shed, the way to crack black w... Read More »

How do you fix a crack in the screen of an iphone?

visit they have directions and replacement parts for it

How do you crack your iPhone user password?

If you are referring to the 4 digit pass code then you can not crack it, the only way to get around it if you cannot figure out what it is would be to restore the iphone