Is a condominium considered cluster housing?

Answer Cluster housing is apparently a design scheme for a group of houses. (See below.) A condominium is usually a building with multiple units, sometimes multiple buildings with multiple units. (See be... Read More »

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You are separated if you purchase a condominium with your own earnings will the condominium be considered marital property?

Any answer must depend on the marital property laws in the state where you live/ claim residence, and any property agreements made in your separation documents.Your lawyer will give you a correct a... Read More »

What is considered the interior of a condominium?

You can find the definition you want in your CC&Rs document. Look under the topic "Unit Boundaries." These boundaries are likely to be different in every condominium community and as an owner it's ... Read More »

What is considered common area in a condominium?

There is no standard. Read your governing documents to identify the dividing line between what you own individually, and what is owned by all owners in common. Often this line is defined as 'the ... Read More »

Is condominium unit considered real property?

Yes. You can obtain a mortgage on a condominium unit, you can dictate its disposal in your Last Will and Testament, and you can deduct its property taxes on your tax returns.