Is a condo association required to have a board of directors?

Answer If the association is a corporation -- and in most states, this is true: associations are usually non-profit corporations, the state may require that the corporation have a board of directors. With... Read More »

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How to Remove a Condo Association Board of Directors?

A condominium or homeowners association acts on behalf of a group of homeowners and should always act in the interests of the group, attending to all matters relating to the complex, both effective... Read More »

Why would they want to bond you if your sitting in the board of directors for a condo association?

The condominium association is (usually) a not-for-profit corporation, and as such, when you accept a seat on the board as a corporate officer, you accept co-responsibility for a multi-million doll... Read More »

When is the vote of the association members required by changing rules in the association.the board of directors changed rules for the community without votes of homeowners. Is it lawful?

Please read your governing documents to determine what percentage of the membership is required to change/ amend/ alter/ adjust your governing documents. The percentages are different depending on ... Read More »

Is a 501 c 6 association required to include both a board of directors and officers as part of their bylaws?

This is not a legal answer. You can ask an attorney about the specifics of a 501(c)(6) corporation, and its structure and board requirements. In a condominium association, a legal corporation -- r... Read More »