How to Make Apricot and Coconut Seed Balls?

Answer A perfect snack and lunchbox addition that the kids can help to roll together under supervision.

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Is a Coconut a nut or a fruit?

The jury is out on whether the coconut is a fruit, nut or seed. A Botanist considers the coconut one-seeded drupe (aka: dry drupe.) A drupe is a fruit with a hard stony covering enclosing the seed ... Read More »

Is a coconut a fruit or a vegetable?

The coconut fruit is a drupe like plums, peaches and cherries. While most drupes have edible outer skins, coconuts develop husks which are stringy and bitter when the fruit is young and grow tough ... Read More »

Uses of Coconut Tree Fruit?

The coconut palm or Cocos nucifera, is grown around the world in lowland tropical and subtropical habitats. It is considered one of the most versatile trees in the world. The coconut palm produces ... Read More »

How to Make Fruit Salad With Coconut Lime Dressing?

Fruit salad.Pineapple, lime and coconut adds a tropical favorite to this cool, refreshing fruit salad. This salad is perfect for summer meals. Serves 6.