Is a clothing marker different from a permanent marker?

Answer Clothing markers are chemically different from permanent markers. Clothing markers contain insoluble ingredients, which allow a legible, water-safe application to fabric. Permanent markers contain ... Read More »

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Removing Permanent Marker out of Clothing?

When the ABS warning light is lit on the driver information panel of your Chrysler Town & Country, you have to change the ABS relay. The ABS relay controls the entire anti-lock brake system. As suc... Read More »

What is the best way to remove permanent marker from clothing?

Is it possible to remove Scripto permanent marker from clothing?

On One Hand: It Can Be RemovedYou can remove permanent marker from clothing, notes Good Housekeeping, by applying rubbing alcohol to the stain. Also, according to Sharpie (a division of Scripto), p... Read More »

Permanent marker?

Nail Polish Remover, providing you have one that contains acetone.I work in a lab, we mark our glassware and containers in permanent marker and use the acetone to clean it off. Works without effort.