How do I tell chestnut trees from Chinese chestnut trees?

Answer Tree HeightThe American Chestnut tree, or Castanea dentata, typically grows as a shrubby plant between 3 to 15 feet. If grown underneath a canopy of taller trees, it grows no more than 60 feet in ... Read More »

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How to Eat a Raw Chestnut?

Raw chestnuts are a nutritious, tasty snack, but the skins should be removed before you eat them. Here are some methods to eat the raw chestnut without the unappetizing skins.

Chestnut Hairstyles?

Christina Ricci, Katie Holmes and Leah Michele are just a few of the well-known actresses with chestnut brown hair. This color of hair is a medium-light toned hair easily complimented by caramel or... Read More »

Is the"chestnut blight"a horse?

Although horses have horny growths on the insides of their legs called chestnuts or can have a coat color referred to as chestnut, the chestnut blight has nothing to do with horses. Chestnut blight... Read More »

How do I plant a chestnut seed?

Prepare a loose, well-draining soil mix in a seeding bed protected from rodents and birds. A one-gallon nursery pot can also be used. The best chances for germination are during spring.Dig a hole a... Read More »