Is a certificate required for medical coding?

Answer You do not need Registered Health Information Technicians (RHIT) certification to practice medical coding, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Obtaining RHIT, however, boosts your chanc... Read More »

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What Courses Are Required to Get a Certificate in Medical Billing & Coding?

Medical billers and coders take care of administrative tasks involving medical records, such as billing and reimbursements to insurance providers, in addition to billing patients for health service... Read More »

What Are the Required Experiences for Medical Coding & Billing?

Medical Coding and Billing, while considered two separate occupations, share many of the same characteristics and required education levels. Both medical Coding and Billing are in-demand profession... Read More »

What Classes Are Required for a Medical Coding or Billing Professional?

Medical coding and billing professionals are not required to have any specific training or instruction to gain employment in this growing health care field. However, earning a degree, either an ass... Read More »

What classes are required for a medical coding or billing professional?

Medical coding is the process of assigning codes to diagnoses and procedures. Medical billing is submitting the codes for reimbursement. To perform coding and billing functions, professionals must ... Read More »