Is a cell phone a business expense?

Answer On One Hand: Expenses May Be DeductibleThe Internal Revenue Service says employees may be able to deduct the cost of a cell phone as an unreimbursed employee expense if the amount of the expense is... Read More »

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Can i deduct the expense of my cell phone bill on my taxes?

On One Hand: Not for Personal UseIf you use your cell phone for personal use, or only sparingly for business, you cannot claim a tax deduction for your cell phone bill on your income taxes.On the O... Read More »

Can you claim business classes as a business expense?

If self-employed, you can claim the cost of the classes on your taxes. As an employee, you can claim the cost of the classes in the following cases: your employer did not provide reimbursement, you... Read More »

Is luggage a business expense?

Luggage is considered a business expense if you use it for business-related travel purposes. You can deduct not only the cost of the luggage from your taxes, if you itemize, but also any handling f... Read More »

How Much Business Expense Should Be Spent on Advertising?

Planning a baby shower is hectic enough without having to worry about creating a complicated cake. Instead of spending hours on the baby shower cake, choose a simple design that will leave you plen... Read More »