Is a catagory b car more expensive to insure?

Answer On One Hand: Rates Are Not HigherCars are grouped by category following an accident. If a car is designated as category B, it is considered to be "damaged beyond repair," according to CarInsurance.... Read More »

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Is a category b car more expensive to insure?

On One Hand: Insurance May Not Be More Expensive.Following an accident, categorized cars may not necessarily be more expensive to insure. According to, if you are not at fault for ... Read More »

The Most Expensive Cars to Insure for Teenagers?

What kind of car a teenager drives is a key factor in how much the insurance premiums will cost. Vehicles that are more expensive to repair or more likely to be stolen typically charge higher insur... Read More »

Are Pontiac Sunfire's more expensive to insure?

Than what? They are a low end vehicle not a sports car, so I would think on the lower end == vehicle rate wise.

Do you think there should be a catagory on Answers?

well worded question! harley wasn't mentioned until the trolls showed up. the question has sweet f*ck all to do with harley, but there's always the type that will yip and yap about it in a negati... Read More »