Is a cast iron griddle nonstick?

Answer Cast iron griddles must undergo a "seasoning" process before they become non-stick. The seasoning process is the result of repeated usage that absorbs oil into the iron, enabling the cast iron grid... Read More »

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How to Use a Cast Iron Griddle?

A cast iron griddle is essentially a slab of cast iron with a shallow lip that sits directly on your burner or over a campfire. Single-burner griddles are available in round and square varieties. I... Read More »

Should a cast iron pot or dutch oven be seasoned with oil in the same way as a cast iron skillet?

How to Cook on a Flat Iron Griddle?

A flat iron griddle is a flat piece of cast iron cookware that is heated when it's placed over the top of two stove burners. The burners supply the heat from underneath the burner for cooking on th... Read More »

Is iron from cast-iron pans absorbed by the body?

On One Hand: Food Absorbs Iron from Cast-Iron CookwareAccording to Dr. Andrew Weil, cast-iron cookware does leach iron into food, and it is an advantage to people who don't get enough iron in their... Read More »