Is a carrot a root?

Answer Carrots are considered a root vegetable because the edible part of the plant grows below the ground. Other common root vegetables include beets, radishes, parsnips, rutabagas, potatoes and turnips.... Read More »

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Why is a carrot a root?

A root is that part of plant which grows under the soil. Carrot is called a root because it grows under the ground. The carrot root, the thing that we eat and we consider a vegetable, will not grow... Read More »

Where is starch located in a carrot root?

wouldn't it be in the green parts (leaves) cos that is where chlorophyly is and that what you need for a plant to photosynthesise and starch is present if the plant has photosynthesised.

How can you 'regrow' the root nerve and pulp of a tooth after a reckless dentist has removed them in preparation for an unnecessary root canal?

The nerve can not regenerate in a tooth, instead what is left of it will eventually die. You would be better off having the root canal treatment completed and if it is a back tooth you NEED a crown... Read More »

Valerian Fresh Root vs. Dried Root?

Fresh and dried valerian root share many of the same qualities, but the dried root has many more applications than the fresh root. Dried valerian root can be stored for longer periods and is more c... Read More »