Is a car that is 25 years old considers classic car?

Answer In Ohio it is. In AR & MO it is In MS, at 20 it's "Classic", at 25 it's "Antique".

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I need to do an inventory simulation on excel that considers lead time, any suggestions?

There is a PDF document that might be of assistance, and shows the layout of an MS-Excel worksheet. It is at this location: http://… There is another PD... Read More »

Have you seen this teen TV series classic "The Wonder Years"?

A brilliantly written poignant series about American life. It didn't debut after the Super Bowl for nothing.

Can a person who is 16 years old move in with a sibling that is 19 years old?

You must realize you were the same as your little sister at her age. You may not think you weren't annoying, but most young children are. She is simply growing up and experimenting with her own per... Read More »

Your sister is 14 years old and she might be pregnant by her boyfriend that is 19 years old and you live in illnois what is the law here?

Answer The law in Illinois states that while the mother is still in control of her body and her choices for herself and her child, your parents can still press charges against the boyfriend for St... Read More »