Is a car claim payment taxable?

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Is a mortgage payment taxable?

At the federal level, a mortgage payment is taxable to the payee. All profits earned by financial corporations, including mortgage institutions, are taxable. However, the tax is reduced by expens... Read More »

Is an insurance claim check taxable?

Insurance settlements, which restore an injured party or their property to the condition before loss, are not taxable income. The Internal Revenue Service states that recipients need not report ins... Read More »

Are private disability claim checks taxable in NJ?

It depends on how you paid the premiums. If you paid with after tax dollars, your benefit is completely tax free. If you used pre-tax dollars you would owe Federal Income taxes, but not NJ Income... Read More »

How do I claim payment on PayPal?

Payment from an Unconfirmed AddressClick on the "Claim Payment" link in the PayPal email notifying you of a payment from an unconfirmed address and log into your PayPal account; the claimed payment... Read More »