Is a cannon elph 300 or 310 better?

Answer Yes

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Cannon powershot elph 320 hs?

Cannons have no touch screens or shutter buttons..... they just go BANG!!!However, if you're asking about a Canon camera, then the very best thing for you to do is to go to the Canon website and do... Read More »

Can you use lenses from cannon OS 100 on new cannon digital camera?

Can a cannon 35 mm lens fit a digital cannon 35 mm?

Short answer: Yes.Long answer: Canon digital cameras are divided into two classes: Those with APS-C sensors (Rebel, 30D/40D/50D), and those with full-frame sensors (5d, 5d Mark II, 1D Mark II, 1D M... Read More »

Can you only use a cannon card on your cannon camera others say memory card error?

I have a Canon Ixus 400 and have been using a 1GB Integral memory card on it for years - works absolutely fine!