Is a cache separate from the processor chip on the motherboard?

Answer Memory caches are sometimes built into processors and sometimes are in a separate location on the motherboard. It depends on the architecture of the processor. Intel x86 processors, commonly found ... Read More »

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What is the memory cache on the processor chip called?

CPUs have a built-in memory cache called the L1 cache. The L1 cache is made from SRAM, as opposed to the DRAM of main memory, and this makes the SRAM a great deal faster, but also more expensive th... Read More »

What is a processor cache?

Processors are responsible for grinding through all of the complex tasks you ask of your PC, but in some cases the speed at which data is processed can be faster than the speed data can be sent to ... Read More »

What is a processor chip?

A processor chip, otherwise known as a central processing unit (CPU), is an integrated circuit that performs the calculations needed to run software.FunctionCPUs consist of hundreds of millions of ... Read More »

Can a dual core processor run two separate programs?

Dual core processors can run two separate programs. The number of cores that a processor has does not affect a computer's ability to run multple programs at the same time.References:PC Mag: Inside... Read More »