Is a cabbage butterfly a producer or a consumer?

Answer The cabbage butterfly is an insect that feeds on cabbage. This insect, like all other animals, is a consumer; it obtains food by consuming another organism, cabbage. Cabbage is a green plant. Like ... Read More »

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What is a producer&a consumer?

Producers and consumers are two broad categories that describe both plant and animal interactions. Each organism is a producer and a consumer in various ways, and understanding these interactions i... Read More »

Is coral a producer or consumer?

Coral are consumers, which means that they need to consume other organisms in order to obtain energy. Producers are organisms that can synthesize their own food using an energy source such as the ... Read More »

Is algae a producer or a consumer?

Algae are producers. The organisms produce their own food through photosynthesis. Some types of algae are single-celled; seaweed and kelp are large, multi-cell algae. Like plants and other producer... Read More »

Can a participant in a game show be called a consumer under the consumer protection act of India bearing in mind the decision laid down in society of catalysts v. star plus?