Is a box spring necessary when you have a metal-frame bed?

Answer Box springs are not required on metal-frame beds, as long as the metal frame platform includes a spring base that covers the entire frame and provides sufficient support for the mattress.

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Is it necessary to put a box spring on a metal frame?

On One Hand: Box Springs Work With Metal FramesMetal frames raise box-springs off the floor to increase the height of the bed, protect the box-spring and create space under the bed. Box-springs are... Read More »

Can I put my box spring directly on the floor without a metal frame?

It is okay to put a box spring directly on the floor rather than using a metal bed frame. Consider, though, that if you are putting the box spring on a wood floor, you may want to put something bet... Read More »

How to Use a King-Size Bed Frame Without a Box Spring?

The problem with using a king-size bed frame without box springs is that the box springs provide the structural support for the bed. Much like your body's skeleton, without box springs beneath it, ... Read More »

How do I refinish a metal bed frame?

PreparationRemove all fabric and padding from the metal bed frame. Move the frame outdoors or to a ventilated area. Wash the metal frame with dish soap, using a coarse sponge. Rinse the bed frame, ... Read More »