Is a box spring necessary when you have a metal-frame bed?

Answer Box springs are not required on metal-frame beds, as long as the metal frame platform includes a spring base that covers the entire frame and provides sufficient support for the mattress.

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Is it necessary to put a box spring on a metal frame?

On One Hand: Box Springs Work With Metal FramesMetal frames raise box-springs off the floor to increase the height of the bed, protect the box-spring and create space under the bed. Box-springs are... Read More »

Can I put my box spring directly on the floor without a metal frame?

It is okay to put a box spring directly on the floor rather than using a metal bed frame. Consider, though, that if you are putting the box spring on a wood floor, you may want to put something bet... Read More »

Is it necessary to have a box spring?

On One Hand: Mattress Makers Recommend Using Box SpringsMattress manufacturers engineer mattresses and box springs to work together as a set. The coil systems align to absorb shock, which ensures y... Read More »

Is a box spring necessary?

On One Hand: The Purpose of a Box SpringBox springs are designed to do three things: raise the mattress higher; protect the mattress from wearing; and support the mattress. For tall people or elder... Read More »