Is a bodybelt needed in a scissors lift?

Answer On One Hand: The Guardrail May Be Enough.The only thing required by OSHA for the safe operation of a scissors lift is a proper, well-maintained guardrail system. In the absence of a proper guardrai... Read More »

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What Is Needed to Lift a Truck?

If trucks are defined by their utility, then surely bigger tires make for a vehicle that is "truckier" than it ever was. Big tires not only raise the truck frame's ride height, they can also help b... Read More »

How many vacuum cleaners are needed to lift a person?

The vacuum cleaner uses suction to pick things up off the ground

How much lift is needed for 33-inch tires on a 1984 4x4?

Three to six inches of lift is generally required for the installation of 33-inch tires on a four-wheel-drive vehicle. The actual amount of necessary lift depends on the exact model of vehicle bein... Read More »

What kind of jack is needed to lift a house?

A high lift jack--a specialized type of lifting jack--is needed to lift a house, according to Wise Geek. This jack operates with a pump handle and allows the user to raise the house enough to place... Read More »