Is a body temp of 98.8 just before period normal ?

Answer Your fine. If it was over 100 I would worry, but if it really bothers you ask a doctor. They know best. Or even your mom.

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Can you get pregnant one day before your period and have a normal period?

if you have an average 28 day cycle you would have released an egg around day 14. conception would usually result from sex during days 11-16. after that, the egg will begin to break up & have gon... Read More »

Period every 2 months and you are just wondering if it is possible for you to tell that you were pregnant before the next period comes?

Answer go to the doctors and have a blood test and you find out

If your period is due in just over a week and you are extremely tired can you feel that tired and be pregnant even before you miss a period?

Answer You could be but the chances of having symptoms that soon are slim. Chances are you either excited and convinced your body hoping you are preggers or scared you are and nervous about it. I ... Read More »

Is it normal to cramp a week before a period?

not really. but you need to get enough protein and that will stop that from happening.agreeing with the person above me, but also it depends on how extreme i would say they are. if they are severe,... Read More »