Is a blood sugar level, after fasting, of 107 bad?

Answer On One Hand: Non-fasting Blood-Sugar RangesAccording to Web MD, normal ranges for blood sugar in a non-fasting person are 70 to 145. Blood sugars may go slightly higher in some people, but should d... Read More »

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I am pregnant women.My sugar blood level was 110 for fasting and 130 two hours after that risky?

I agree with TheOrange Evil. Both your fasting glucose and reading after two hours after a meal are a little raised. Nothing to get worked up about.As TheOrange Evil stated, a non-diabetics fasti... Read More »

Is 69 really too low a fasting blood sugar level?

no... be concerned if your readings are in the 50's for a few days in a row or a number of times a month... not good... definately have doctor run tests to determine if you are a candidate for diab... Read More »

Blood sugar level after meal?

That number makes perfect sense based on what you ate. You ate a virtually carb-free meal (except the taco shell). If you're concerned, have diabetes in your family, or want to learn more about blo... Read More »

Is a blood sugar level of 184 after eating too high?

On One Hand: Yes, If You're Not DiabeticBlood sugar rises after you eat, but the peak level should still be under 140 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) if you're not diabetic, Diabetes Action states... Read More »