Is a blood pressure reading of 90/44 to be considered abnormally low during a period of sleep?

Answer dam hon ask ur dr.seems low to me but then u r at restur daytime ones r sure high

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What is a blood pressure reading during aerobic exercise?

The top number in a blood pressure reading indicates artery pressure at the moment of a heartbeat; the bottom number indicates pressure in the space between beats. Because your heart rate increases... Read More »

What does a systolic blood pressure reading of 148 and diastolic reading of 55 mean in an elderly patient?

Your grandma's blood pressure reading is 148/55 mmHg. She has got stage 1 hypertension (Isolated systolic hypertension). Isolated systolic hypertension is defined as a systolic pressure that is abo... Read More »

Is 90/60 considered a low blood pressure?

If you feel well then 90/60 is an excellent blood pressure reading and a testiment to how well you have done with your fitness program - well done you !Low blood pressure often confuses people - ch... Read More »

Blood pressure reading 157/106?

Your blood pressure sounds moderately high and it sounds like maybe you are now checking it yourself.If you are try checking it first thing in the morning before you do anything energetic or stress... Read More »