Is a blade the sharpest thing to cut through your skin?

Answer I'd say a laser is.

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Is it a bad thing if you draw on your skin a lot?

Most of the time, it's not bad. But some pens and markers have chemicals in them that are toxic if they get into your skin. But that's mostly just art supplies. Sharpies and ballpoint are fine.

Is pure Vitamin E oil the best thing you can do for your skin?

I doubt it..CAUTION: some folks are allergic to vitamin e topically applied.For dry skin...You want something to perform a barrier function. Cetaphil is a good brand...of over the counter.I buy my ... Read More »

I sliced a layer of skin off my index finger from a blade on accident. The layer of skin is still attached?

It depends on how much of the skin is still attached. If the circulation is maintained and the wound did not dry out, it might. I suggest putting some neosporin on it and keep it bandaged.

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