Is a black tongue dangerous?

Answer On One Hand: Not Very DangerousBlack tongue usually occurs because the individual practices poor oral hygiene, along with the small bumps (papillae) on their tongue growing rather than wearing down... Read More »

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Are tongue rings dangerous?

On One Hand: Get Proper Piercings and Do MaintenanceAs long as the person giving you the tongue piercing uses a sterile utensil and washes her hands properly, you have little risk of infection. Acc... Read More »

Why do I have a black tongue?

Although it might look scary, a black tongue is usually harmless. There is no need to panic or make a trip to the emergency room as this condition can usually be treated at home.Why the Tongue Turn... Read More »

What dog breed has a black tongue?

Both Chow Chows and Chinese Shar-Pei breeds have black tongues. Black spots on other breeds' tongues don't necessarily mean they have Chow Chow or Shar-Pei lineage; those are just spots of extra pi... Read More »

What breed of dog has a black tongue?

Both the Chow (or Chow mix) and Shar-Pei have black tongues. More than 30 other breeds have some black pigment on their tongues. The origin of the black tongue is a mystery, according to the Columb... Read More »