Is a black light the same as a UV light?

Answer A black light emits a type of UV light, but they are not interchangeable terms. Black lights produce UVA (long wave) light, along with a small amount of visible light. Black lights do not produce ... Read More »

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Do all light bulbs emit the same color of spectra of light?

No. Light bulbs of different technologies and types will emit light of different colors. Although the human eye will perceive any of them, to be white, they typically have different shades within... Read More »

Is compact fluorescent light the same as UV light?

Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) produce ultraviolet light (UV) from a gas when stimulated by electricity. The UV light from these bulbs is much less than the level of the sun. According to E... Read More »

Is a black light a fluorescent light?

Some black lights are made in the same manner as fluorescent lights, except that dark purple glass is used instead of clear glass and only one phosphor is used. The purple glass blocks nearly all v... Read More »

Which has the greatest energy, a photon of infrared light, visible light or ultraviolet light?

Einstein's equation for the photoelectric effect, E = hf (where E is energy of a photon, h represents Planck's constant and f is the photon's frequency), indicates that the energy of a photon is di... Read More »