Is a black electrical wire positive or negative?

Answer The basic colors used in DC (direct current) wiring are black, white and red. The black wire will always be connected to the negative terminal. It is known as a "hot" wire.Source:University of Illi... Read More »

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How do u tell if a wire is positive or negative?

Technically, a wire really isn't positive or negative, it's about what the wire is connected to. If you're trying to figure out if a wire in something built in a factory or something is postive or ... Read More »

How to Identify the Negative & Positive Wire for a Stereo Speaker?

When working with stereo speakers, you may find that the positive and negative speaker wires are not marked. This is confusing and can lead to accidentally reversing the polarity of the speakers, m... Read More »

On a riding lawn mower is the positive black and the negative red?

Can a child have o positive blood if the mother is A positive and the father is A negative?

Yes. Regarding blood type, each person has two blood group genes--one from each parent. The blood types sort like this:For blood type O: O/OFor blood type A: either A/A or A/OFor blood type B: eith... Read More »