Is a big truck in front of your car begins to turn left but its right turn signals are flashing it is most lik?

Answer Trucks with long trailers swing out a little in order to pull the front end of the trailer away from the right curb a bit so it can make the rear end clear the curb on the right side. Its marked on... Read More »

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If a truck that has a green Yield For Left Turn suddenly turns in front of you and you hit the truck who is at fault?

Answer it is the truck that terned in frount of you criminal justice student

How to Troubleshoot the Turn Signals on a Ford Truck?

Driving your Ford truck with faulty turn signals is very dangerous as other drivers may not be aware that you are turning, resulting in an accident. Ford trucks comes in a variety of makes and mode... Read More »

Does a motorcycle need front turn signals?

On One Hand: It Depends Where You AreMotorcycle laws differ in many ways among states. Twenty states require motorcycles to have front turn signals, but even within those states there might be laws... Read More »

How to Repair the Turn Signals on a 2005 Chevy Truck?

In 2005, Chevrolet released four trucks: The Silverado, Avalanche, Colorado and SSR. The 2005 line of Chevrolet trucks are very user friendly vehicles. Novice car owners can perform simple maintena... Read More »