Is a bar code needed for self-published book?

Answer If you plan to sell your book through traditional channels--such as bookstores, drug stores or grocery stores--a bar code is needed. You will need either an ISBN or UPC bar code. Selling books thro... Read More »

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What megapixel resolution is needed for a published book?

For publishing a minimum resolution of 300 pixels per inch (ppi), also called dots per inch (dpi), is required. Image sizes for the Web are rendered at 72 dpi for faster upload and transmission, bu... Read More »

When was 'The Book of Nonsense' by Edward Lear published--publisher E M Hale and Company Eau Claire Wisconsin as there is no date or ISBN number in book?

Edward Lear's Book of Nonsense was first published in 1846. It has been in the public domain for years, so there are a great variety of editions. Lear was English, and no American edition of his wo... Read More »

Do you have to pay to get a book published?

In the traditional publishing model, a writer does not pay to have her books published. Generally, the publisher pays the writer in advance ("upfront" money) and a royalty, which is similar to a co... Read More »

What was the first book published in history?

There is some debate about the first published book. The Gutenberg Bible, published in the 15th century, is widely considered to be the first book published using a modern printing press. According... Read More »