Is the banana an herb or a fruit?

Answer A banana can be an herb or a fruit, depending on the form it takes. For example, a banana tree is technically an herb, while the yellow, crescent-shaped growths that spring from it is a fruit.Sourc... Read More »

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Is a banana a fruit or an herb?

A banana is actually considered both a fruit and an herb. Like other fruits, a banana contains seeds within itself, albeit much smaller than typical fruit seeds. However, the banana tree is actuall... Read More »

Is a banana a fruit or a herb?

A banana is a tropical fruit. When ripe, the outside peel should be yellow, not green. Remove the outer peel to consume. Bananas are good raw or can be used in baking recipes or smoothies.Source... Read More »

Is a Banana a fruit or a Veggi?

BANANA is a fruit due to the sweet taste of it.

Is banana a fruit or vegetable?

Bananas are classified as fruits. High in both potassium and sugar (even though natural).