Is a banana a citrus fruit?

Answer While both bananas and citrus fruits are simple, fleshy fruits, a banana is not a citrus fruit. The banana is classified as a berry because of the fruit is fleshy. Citrus fruit, on the other hand, ... Read More »

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Is a kiwi fruit a citrus fruit?

No. 'Citrus' refers to the Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Orange family of fruits. A Kiwi fruit is not related to any of these.

Citrus Fruit Identification?

Sweet, juicy oranges and tangy lemons are important additions to your diet, providing a significant amount of vitamin C. However, not all citrus fruits taste the same or are used the same way in co... Read More »

Is kiwi a citrus fruit?

Kiwi is not a citrus fruit. It is a type of edible berry from a woody vine (Actinidia Delicosa) and hybrids between this and other species in the genus Actinidia.Source:California Rare Fruit Grower... Read More »

Citrus Fruit Experiments?

There are many citrus fruit experiments that are appropriate for a variety of age groups. Citrus fruit experiments are common in science class because they require little material. Common experimen... Read More »