Is a baby of 35 weeks ready to be born?

Answer If not entirely ready, so pretty darn close. Usually doesn't need any special care after birth.It all depends on the baby. Some babies born at 35 weeks require no special care after birth, some req... Read More »

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Which part breaks when the baby is ready to be born?

The amniotic sac breaks and releases the amniotic fluid - "water breaks"

Can a baby be born at 28 weeks?

no they can not be born in 28 weeks that would be weird

Can a baby be born at 18 weeks?

A baby can be born at 18 weeks. However, he/she would not live. The earliest a baby could survive outside the womb is 21 weeks, and this is very, very rare.

Kan a baby be born at 31 weeks?

obviously you were to spell can like that...... :D