Is a baby at risk of getting chicken pox when exposed to shingles?

Answer they are from the same virus, so to put your mind at ease speak with your pediatrician.

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Can someone who had shingles be exposed to chicken pox safely?

On One Hand: Chicken Pox Infection Usually Confers ImmunityHaving chicken pox in childhood usually confers lifelong immunity against the virus that causes the illness (varicella-zoster), notes the ... Read More »

Is the foetus at risk if the expectant mother is exposed to chicken pox?

Yes very much so. it is advised that pregnant women avoid contact w anyone who has chickenpox as it can be fatal 2 the fetus.

I noticed the first symptoms of itchy spots on Dec 24th and by the 28th was diagnosed with shingles Held a young baby Jan 9th could baby catch chicken pox?

There is a possibility your baby caught ringworm from your cat. Keep your baby away from your cat's liter box.

How can I protect my baby from getting hurt on our exposed metal bed frame?

I have the perfect part for you to use.In the plumbing industry, we have used these for years to give plumbing protection from cold and hot temps.They are sleeves that are divided down the center,... Read More »