Is a baby at risk of getting chicken pox when exposed to shingles?

Answer they are from the same virus, so to put your mind at ease speak with your pediatrician.

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Can someone who had shingles be exposed to chicken pox safely?

On One Hand: Chicken Pox Infection Usually Confers ImmunityHaving chicken pox in childhood usually confers lifelong immunity against the virus that causes the illness (varicella-zoster), notes the ... Read More »

Is the foetus at risk if the expectant mother is exposed to chicken pox?

Yes very much so. it is advised that pregnant women avoid contact w anyone who has chickenpox as it can be fatal 2 the fetus.

I noticed the first symptoms of itchy spots on Dec 24th and by the 28th was diagnosed with shingles Held a young baby Jan 9th could baby catch chicken pox?

There is a possibility your baby caught ringworm from your cat. Keep your baby away from your cat's liter box.

Can a baby contract chicken pox from breastfeeding from mother with shingles?